imagesBallroom Dancing

All About Dance is a website created to discuss everything about Ballroom Dancing. We will discuss West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Fox Trot, Waltz, Cha-Cha, Rumba,  Tango and other ballroom dances. We will discuss what the different dances  involves, the types of music involved to where you can buy ballroom dance shoes to you name it. If you think of it we will discuss it! I invite people such as yourself to comment and request information on anything pertaining to Ballroom Dancing. What would you like to know?


My goal with site is to get as many people involved in Ballroom Dancing as possible. I will gain much joy in knowing that people are getting involved in something they might possibly enjoy while gaining health benefits. Ballroom dancing is a lot of fun not to mention great exercise and a fantastic way to stay fit while keeping your mind off of the excise clock. The time spent dancing goes by so fast you loss track of time.

I believe more people would get involved in dancing if they knew it can be affordable. You don’t have to pay for high price dance lessons from your better known dancing schools. A lot of times with a little research you will find that group classes are offered for very little money. Sometime, such as here in New Orleans where I am from, you can pay about $15.00 for a one to two hour dance class depending on what level/levels you are in. After which you can stay for a dancing social. This social includes and dancing to music while mingling with others for great fun. Of course, this has many benefits including meeting new people which by the way, while it is my opinion, the majority of people will agree that dancers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

imagesNeedless to say there are major differences in the different forms/styles of Ballroom Dance. We will discuss those differences and their benefits here as well as other  information relating to dance.